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Divorce Lawyer in Minnetonka Tells You How to Dress for Court Hearings

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Divorce, Firm News

When getting divorced, your primary focus would be on finding the best divorce lawyer in Minnetonka and ensuring your and your children’s well-being. However, you will also need to take care of a few other things that will play a crucial role in your divorce proceedings.

Although your case is less likely to go to trial, you will still need to appear for hearings. When appearing in court, your divorce lawyer in Minnetonkawill most probably wear a suit. The question is, what should you wear as a client?

Most people decide to wing it instead of paying attention to their attire. However, as first impressions often go a long way in influencing the outcome of your case, you will need to dress appropriately.

A. Dressing Tips for Women

The court is a dignified and formal environment, where you will need to dress appropriately. Women need to take extra care as they often face the added pressure of striking the right impression due to our social structure.

Here’s what a leading divorce lawyer in Minnetonka, like us, would suggest.

1. Don’t Be Bold

Bright colors and loud prints may have been your thing. However, it is best to avoid bold clothing and styles in court. You are not here to make a fashion statement. That’s why neutral colors and classic clothing styles can create a better impression in a courtroom.

2. Don’t Use Too Much Makeup

Using too much lipstick and fake eyebrows, among other things, is likely to create a negative impression. Have you ever seen a woman divorce lawyer in Buffalo or Minnetonka wear bright red lipstick and large false eyelashes in a courtroom? Probably not! You should also try to choose a more neutral or subtle makeup palette when appearing before the judge.

3. Go Easy on Piercings

During our courtroom appearances as a divorce lawyer in Minnetonka, we have seen those body piercings and even tattoos often attract attention, and not in a good way. Try to keep body piercings to a minimum. Small piercings are less likely to be noticed. If you can, take out all your piercings before your first hearing itself.

4. Formal Attire Works Best

Just like your divorce lawyer in Buffalo or Minnetonka, it is also best if you can wear a formal dress. You can wear a knee-length or longer dress that isn’t too revealing. If you are wearing a skirt and a blouse, make sure to choose a knee-length or longer skirt and a formal blouse or top.

Never ever dress in a see-through blouse, top, or dress. Low-cut clothing is also a strict no-no. You can wear a formal business suit or long pants with a sweater, plain t-shirt, or casual shirt.

B. Dressing Tips for Men

Although men are not as much under pressure as women, they also need to dress appropriately in court. Men also face a natural bias, especially when it comes to child custody. If you don’t appear properly dressed in court, it could result in a bad impression. That, in turn, can affect your chances of winning primary child custody.

Here’s what you should do.

1. Wear a Well-Pressed Suit and Tie

Just like your divorce lawyer in Minnetonka, you should also wear formal clothing. A well-pressed suit and a tie are often a man’s best friend in the courtroom. If you are not keen on going 100% formal or want to tone down your appearance, try a well-ironed button-down shirt with formal pants or plain jeans.

2. Avoid Baggy Clothing

Whatever you do, avoid wearing baggy clothing at all costs. Men also need to refrain from wearing revealing clothing like a muscle shirt, ripped or torn jeans, baggy pants that go below west, and shorts. Your Minnetonka divorce lawyer would also advise you to not wear T-shirts or jackets with inappropriate emblems, images, or phraseology.

3. Remove Tattoos and Piercings

Men also have tattoos, body art, and piercings. However, anything that a judge is likely to deem inappropriate needs to go away. You can talk to your divorce lawyer in Minnetonka about this issue. Keeping piercings and tattoos hidden or to a minimum can create a better impression.

4. Clean Shave Is a Must

Make sure you are well-groomed before appearing in court. You shouldn’t look like you just got out of bed or you are still hung-over. You should have a clean shave and a tidy appearance. If you have a beard, make sure to trim it before each hearing.


When it comes to divorce hearings, the impression does matter. You need to look your best, especially when you stand before a judge asking to be the custodial parent. Dressing appropriately can also increase your confidence and help you keep your bearings during the proceedings. Hopefully, the above tips will be helpful to those seeking a divorce in Minnesota.

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