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Skilled Litigators Who Fight For Motorcycle Accident Victims

Due to months of cold winter weather, motorcycle riding season is fairly short in Minnesota. But in that small window of time, too many bikers suffer serious and fatal accidents, often due to the negligence and carelessness of other drivers.

At Carlson & Jones, P.A., we understand just how dangerous it can be for motorcyclists on Minnesota roads, and we advocate fiercely for those who have been injured in preventable crashes. With over 70 years of combined legal experience, you can rest assured that we have the skills and experience necessary to help you seek full and fair compensation.

Common Injuries And Accident Scenarios

Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and offer no external protection to the rider. Bikers are willing to accept these inherent risks. But much of the danger they face comes from drivers who fail to notice them or to give them the respect they deserve. Common accident scenarios and injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Road rash, broken bones, bruises and cuts
  • Drivers not seeing a motorcycle, pulling out in front of motorcyclists and causing Left-turn accidents
  • Accidents caused by debris or fluids left by other vehicles
  • Run-off accidents, where drivers force bikers off the road by passing too closely or making other dangerous moves

Sadly, too many motorcycle accidents are the result of driver inattention. When you contact us, we will fully investigate your accident to determine how it happened and who was at fault.

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