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Obtaining And Defending Against Protective Orders

If you’re faced with either seeking – or defending yourself against – a harassment restraining order (HRO) or order for protection (OFP), you already know how draining this emotionally charged experience can be. To make sure your rights and your security aren’t violated, it’s crucial you have the right attorney in your corner.

At Carlson & Jones, P.A., we’re here to provide experienced, focused legal counsel for clients throughout Minnesota. Our four offices in Buffalo, Brainerd, Hutchinson and Minnetonka provide exceptional legal counsel throughout the region.

Understanding OFPs And Restraining Orders

It can be difficult deciding what course of action to pursue if you need the court’s protection. Similarly, understanding what to do if an OFP or harassment restraining order has been placed against you can be overwhelming. Among the more typical of these types of orders filed in Minnesota are:

  • Ex Parte OFP – This temporary order can be a faster solution for those seeking an OFP because the accused does not have to appear in court in order for the judge to evaluate its merits. More importantly, when the person seeking it fears imminent danger, the ex parte order is a swift action that prohibits the person against whom it’s issued from having any contact with the people named in the OFP.
  • Full OFP – This OFP is more all-encompassing than an ex parte OFP, and can last for up to two years. Full OFPs are issued only after having a hearing on the allegations presented in the application for the OFP.
  • Restraining Orders – There are various types of restraining orders the court may grant, including harassment restraining orders (HROs) and domestic abuse no contact orders (DANCOs). Harassment restraining orders are considered a separate, civil action. Domestic abuse no contact orders (DANCOs) are typically entered in a criminal proceeding to prevent the defendant from having contact with the alleged victim.

Understandably, the number of potential orders which can be filed in Minnesota can be confusing. Our attorneys understand the strain involved in either defending yourself against the accusations stated in an OFP or harassment restraining order, or in deciding which type of order is the best to pursue in your particular situation.

We’re Here To Help Resolve These Issues

It’s possible for one type of protective or harassment order to be replaced by another, more serious one – or for the order to expire before you’re prepared for the fallout. At Carlson & Jones, P.A., our lawyers provide legal support to secure you the rights you deserve in the matter, while also making sure any children or other household members experience as little trauma as possible.

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