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How to Sail through Your Divorce with Ease in Buffalo, MN

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Divorce, Firm News

As experienced divorce lawyers in Buffalo, MN, we are well aware that when a marriage ends, the divorcing couple and their kids, if any, are subjected to several expected and unexpected challenges. From adjusting to the new living arrangements and parenting schedules to making decisions about property and assets, it can be overwhelming for everyone involved.

Divorce can also be emotionally challenging, which may hamper the separating spouses’ ability to make prudent choices. In other words, getting a divorce is no walk in the park!

However, getting through it may be slightly easier if you know in advance about how the process works in Minnesota courts and how you can handle your circumstances better.

The following few tips can help you keep your sanity during this challenging phase of life.

1. Consider Your Options

Did you know you need not directly go for litigation to sort out your divorce? There are several alternative out-of-court methods to resolve your disagreements and settle the divorce.

When you choose to go for litigation, you will be required to draft motion papers and other complicated documentation, not to mention make appearances in court. Also, every experienced divorce lawyer in Buffalo, MN will confirm that litigation is an expensive and slow process.

One of the most common and popular alternative dispute resolution methods is mediation. It involves working with a neutral mediator, although each spouse can retain their own attorney as well. Mediators can help divorcing couples amicably resolve specific issues within the divorce proceedings. This can include matters related to child custody or splitting of assets and debt. Mediation gives spouses more control, and is usually quicker and cheaper than litigation.

2. Steer Clear of Revenge and drama

A lot of courtroom scenes we watch on TV and in movies give us the wrong idea of what actually happens in family courts. Influenced by these fictional situations, people enter divorce proceedings expecting a dramatic “win” or with their own idea of what “justice” should look like.

Some couples go to the extent of hiring private detectives to gather evidence against a cheating spouse.

Regardless of your circumstances, know that Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state. You need not prove that your spouse did something wrong/bad to get a divorce. All you need to state is that there has been an “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage,” and you and your spouse do not want to live together again.

The fact is, marriages break down due to a variety of reasons. Minnesota courts are not interested in getting into every detail of what went wrong and who did what. Take it from a seasoned divorce attorney in Buffalo, seeking revenge and creating drama in the courtroom can prove to be not only extremely stressful but also detrimental.

3. Give Your Kids Time

Most parents realize that their divorce can be hard on their kids and are careful about talking about each other in front of their children. Doing so is important because even though they don’t say anything, kids do pick up on a negative tone.

Also, it is important that as a parent, you are not hard on yourself about getting a divorce. Know that it is always better to raise children in a happy home rather than remain in a high-conflict marriage and raise them in an unhappy household.

During the divorce, parents need to give their children enough time to process the changes and transitions. It is also helpful to create a mutually-agreeable parenting plan and present it to the kids together. Keep communication flowing and be open to answering any question that your children may have about what’s to come. Remember, sudden changes may not be good for them. They will always benefit from honest conversations with both parents.

4. Be Financially Literate

Being financially informed can go a long way in alleviating unnecessary stress and aggression in the divorce process. Being confused or in the dark may lead to frustration and anger. These feelings may not be directed at your spouse, but it may appear that way, spoiling your chances of achieving a positive legal outcome or yourself.

If you’re clueless about these matters, you will do well to seek help from your financial adviser. The idea is to get a good understanding of finances to be able to partake in the negotiations and have your say. This knowledge will also help you understand whether or not you’re getting what’s legally owed to you.

You can also consult an experienced divorce lawyer in Buffalo, MN as they know exactly how financial matters are sorted in divorce cases.

5. Look After Yourself

A divorce can bring about many changes in your life, and dealing with them can be overwhelming. It is important to take care of yourself at this time, especially emotionally. Lean on your family and friends for care and comfort. You can also speak to a counselor or join a formal support group to cope with the feelings associated with the ending of a marriage.

It is important to stay positive during this difficult time. To this end, as experienced divorce lawyers in Buffalo, MN, we recommend that you get involved in activities that you enjoy, try new hobbies, make new friends, eat healthily, and exercise.


In their burning desire to “win” the case against their spouse, some divorcing couples often harbor certain unreasonable expectations from the legal outcome. More often than not, these expectations aren’t in keeping with the law, which makes the entire process stressful. However, if you want an easier divorce, you need to understand exactly how Minnesota law works. Consulting an experienced divorce lawyer in Buffalo, MNcan be extremely beneficial. Other than that, the above tips should help you go through your divorce as smoothly as possible.

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