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What is the Role of a Criminal Lawyer in Minnetonka, MN

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

As experienced criminal defense lawyers in Minnetonka, MN, we know that the American legal system is a complex one, and navigating it efficiently requires expertise. If you’re embroiled in a criminal case, having a skilled criminal defense lawyer by your side can work wonders.

When hiring a lawyer, you probably consider several factors, such as criminal defense lawyer cost. You might wonder if they think you really committed the crime, and whether they can set their opinion aside and defend you vigorously.

The truth is, for most experienced criminal defense lawyers in Minnetonka, MN, it doesn’t matter as they do not decide the guilt. Lawyers realize that their primary role is to consider the unique facts of your case and provide a robust defense against accusations.

This is the main reason you should work with a lawyer who thoroughly understands his/her responsibility and does everything in his/her power to bring you a positive outcome.

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

Criminal defense attorneys serve as reliable guides and protectors. Typically, they are of two types: private attorneys and court-appointed attorneys.

Defendants who hire private attorneys pay them from their own pocket. For individuals who cannot afford attorney fees, the court can appoint suitable counsel to represent them legally, if the necessary qualifications are met.

If a lawyer chooses to take your case, how he/she will handle it will depend on the facts and circumstances involved. Typically, an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Minnetonka, MN does the following:

1. Gather Case Details via Interviews

Once you schedule a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer, you will get the chance to meet each other personally. After that, the lawyer will try and get as many case-related details as possible from you. He/she may ask very specific questions, like in an interview, so he/she can gauge your case facts thoroughly to decipher its strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, a Minnetonka criminal defense lawyer will explore the potential defenses that can benefit you.

2. Conduct a Deeper Investigation

Apart from gathering all the case facts, a defense lawyer conducts an in-depth investigation of the case to figure out possible ways of getting you an acquittal. This may involve talking to the police authorities about their procedures or speaking to witnesses who may have more information about the case.

In other words, the criminal defense lawyer will build a strong case for you. In case an expert witness is being used, the lawyer may question him/her about the testimony or the evidence presented in court.

Further, a defense attorney has the legal right to review the prosecution’s case before it is submitted to the jury. This is an opportunity to discover loopholes in their case, and accordingly gather evidence from medical experts and independent lab tests to deflate the prosecution’s arguments.

3. Scrutinize the Evidence

A criminal defense lawyer carefully examines the evidence against his/her client, which further aids the case facts. If required, the lawyer can also have the evidence tested independently.  He/she may further analyze the evidence to check if any new legal theories can work against his/her client.

4. Apprise the Client about the Developments

A criminal defense attorney constantly keeps in touch with his/her client to update them of any developments in the case. A well-informed client is a happy client. At the same time, a good lawyer knows the importance of client confidentiality, which is why all communication is kept private. It is important that the lawyer proactively conveys information about the case to the client so the latter is better prepared for potential outcomes of their decisions.

5. Negotiate in a Plea Bargain

A criminal defense lawyer also stays updated on the status of the client’s case, and negotiates with the prosecutor about plea bargains. If this is done properly, the lawyer may be able to get his/her client a positive outcome, such as minimized charges or reduced punishments and/or penalties.

6. Represent in a Trial According to State-Specific Laws

If the client chooses not to settle and the case goes to trial, a criminal defense lawyer represents him/her in court. It will be the lawyer’s responsibility to questions and cross-question the state’s witness in an effort to convince the jury that the prosecution hasn’t met its burden of proof.

A criminal defense attorney will fight for his/her client’s rights based on the specific laws, rules, and regulations applicable in the state of Minnesota. Knowledge of these is crucial because laws differ from state to state. Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Minnetonka, MN will know about the various nuances of the state law that can have positive impact on his/her client’s criminal case.

7. Participate in the Sentencing Phase

If the lawyer’s client is sentenced for a crime due to the acceptance of a plea bargain or because of a conviction by the judge/jury, he/she can represent the client during the sentencing stage. The lawyer can also shed light on factors that may convince the judge/jury to minimize the sentence and discuss potential alternatives to the verdict.


Minnesota criminal law is complex. It is, therefore, crucial to take the legal process seriously and work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Minnetonka, MN. If you or your loved one is facing a criminal charge, you will do well to work with a qualified and well-practiced criminal defense lawyer. The right attorney will not only represent you legally, he/she will also simplify the process by guiding you through the complex maze while resolving your charges.

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