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Man pinned between tool box and truck dies

There are times when accidents happen between family members or friends. While no one wants to sue or to seek compensation from someone they're close to, it's a good idea to seek compensation after an accident. If you are hurt financially because of an accident caused by someone, even if that person is related to you or a friend, you deserve to be compensated.

This is a case that could present that difficulty. A man from Western Minnesota was killed when a truck being driven by his friend and sometimes coworker accelerated into him inside an auto shop. According to the news from Oct. 16, the man died after a pickup truck pinned him against a tool chest.

A rabies proclamation is a serious situation in any city or town

Minnesota has special rules that you must abide by if animals with rabies are discovered in a neighborhood or town. In areas where rabies has been discovered, the state allows the town to require muzzles on all dogs. It also has the ability to enforce leash laws, which prevent dogs from running loose in the city.

The law also states that the owner of a dog who doesn't get the animal the correct anti-rabies vaccines can be penalized for having a dangerous dog or potentially dangerous dog if the animal later attacks or bites a person. This is why it's so important to get your dog its vaccines; it protects you from liability in some instances.

Man arrested for 28th drunk driving accusation

If you are out drinking at a bar, there is always a chance that an officer could see you there. What isn't very fair is if the officer knows you and tells others to watch out for you on the roads because he or she believes you might be intoxicated. It sets you up for an arrest before you've even done anything wrong.

That is essentially what happened to this man in Minnesota. The man in Minnesota is facing his 28th drunk driving charge, but it's not what it seems. The 64-year-old man was charged with felony drunk driving charges because he refused to take a breath test when asked by police.

Did you suffer a spinal cord injury in an accident?

Perhaps you were driving along one of Minnesota's roadways, following all of the traffic rules and ensuring that you were paying attention. Then, without warning, you felt an impact and lost control of your vehicle.

In the moments that followed, you may have also noticed that you had no control over your body. You couldn't move. You may have attributed this to being trapped in your vehicle, but when emergency personnel arrived, it became clear to you that something was terribly wrong.

When can you be charged with public intoxication?

Public intoxication is a crime that you can be penalized for, but only if there are certain elements present in your case. That's good, because if you can prove that any element is missing from the case, you may be able to have the charges dismissed.

This crime, also called being "drunk and disorderly," asserts that you're visibly drunk or being influenced by drugs in a public place. Normally this is a misdemeanor charge, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to have the penalties lowered or the case dismissed.

Bites don't have to break the skin to cause damage

Animal bites can seem insignificant in some cases, but it's always important to seek out medical help. Animal bites have the potential to cause significant infections and wounds that require surgical treatment.

The majority of bites in the United States are from dogs. When bitten by a dog, most people snap to the concern for rabies, but there are actually many other more likely illnesses or complications you could suffer from, like tetanus or deep infections.

Why should you work with a criminal defense attorney?

Any time you face charges for a crime, it's important that you talk to your attorney about the options open to you. Every criminal charge has potential defenses. The defenses that work for you may differ from those used for others, since each case is different.

Whether the crime is a misdemeanor or felony, it's still very important to defend yourself. Even a minor crime can leave a lasting impression on those around you as well as your criminal record, so it's vital that you prove your innocence or get the charges dropped completely.

You can fight accusations of drunk driving

In 2015, there were 10,265 deaths as a result of alcohol-impaired crashes in the United States. While those deaths are sad and probably preventable, the result of so many occurring means that the police are hard on people when they believe alcohol is involved in a crash.

Alcohol isn't always involved in a collision, though, and it can be very hard to prove that you were not intoxicated if you were showing signs of recklessness or confusion. There are many different medical emergencies that could make you appear drunk, and there are even conditions that actually make you drunk despite never having a drink.

Zoonotic illnesses are a concern when you're bitten by animals

When your friend's dog bit you, you went to the hospital for treatment. Your primary concern was to stop the bleeding and get some stitches, so you didn't think much else would come from the emergency room visit. it wasn't long until you were being asked questions about the animal's vaccines and state of health.

Why does it matter? Zoonotic illnesses are one of the reasons why animal bites are so dangerous. These illnesses can pass from animals to humans, which makes them particularly hazardous. As of 2017, there are at least 48 diseases that people can get from bites from animals that have been bitten by certain bugs. There are at least 39 important diseases that people can catch from animals directly.

Speeding: just a faster way to cause a car accident

Almost every person who has a driver's license admits to speeding at some point in his or her life. Speeding is one of the most common temptations that drivers face, and it is also one of the most dangerous. Driving just a few miles over the speed limit may not seem like a big deal, but in reality, any time a driver is speeding, he or she is increasing the chance of a car accident.

Driving faster than is legal or safe may get a person to his or her destination faster, but it is extremely risky. If you suffered injuries in a car accident in Minnesota caused by a speeding driver, you do not have to face the aftermath of an accident alone. Like drunk drivers or distracted drivers, these drivers may be liable for any damage they cause by their reckless behavior.

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