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Your perfect blood alcohol concentration: Staying healthy

There is a significant difference between getting tipsy while you're drinking and ending up drunk. Walking that line can be difficult, especially if you don't have a way to test yourself.

While drunk driving is never a good idea, that doesn't mean that drinking is bad for you. In fact, drinking a moderate amount of alcohol is actually good for you. It's known to help reduce the risk of diabetes, helps reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease and dementia end even reduces the risk of ischemic stroke.

What are Minnesota's crash statistics?

In 2015, there were 411 people killed on the highways in Minnesota. While the goal is to see a reduction in crashes each year, that was the same number of people killed as in the year 2010. Interestingly, the state actually has fewer crashes, yet the number of people suffering injuries or dying in them is rising.

The main factor leading to single-vehicle crashes in Minnesota is driving at an unsafe or illegal speed. In multiple vehicle crashes, it's driver inattention, or distractions, that result in collisions. Driver inattention is a factor in around 22.7 percent of all crashes involving multiple vehicles in the state.

Pandering: A sex crime that leads to heavy penalties

There are many crimes you can be charged for, but pandering is one that is frowned upon in society. While it's not prostitution, it's part of the process and seen negatively.

The best thing to do if you're accused of this crime is to protect your rights and reputation. Your attorney can help you build a strong case for your defense.

Birch tree theft results in criminal charges for the first time

Criminal charges can stem from a range of activities you may not necessarily consider "that bad." However, if you break a law and if the conditions are right, you can wind up being arrested for a crime and in danger of serious penalties for something you never thought would result in criminal charges.

For instance, cutting down trees in northern Minnesota proved to be a big mistake for one a man recently charged with timber trespass on state lands. This could very well be the first time such a crime will be prosecuted in this state.

What damages can you seek after a dog attack?

The aftermath of an animal attack can cause many individuals to feel fear, shock and pain. If you have suffered serious injuries due to a dog bite, the owner of the dog may hold liability for your injuries, and you may have the ability to seek compensation for those injuries and other damages suffered. Because you may face various difficulties after involvement in such an event, seeking much-needed compensation may prove useful to you.

In Minnesota, if the attack occurred while you acted peaceably and your presence in the area of the attack was lawfully allowed, the owner of the dog can face strict liability for your injuries. Therefore, you may have reason to file a personal injury claim for special and general damages.

What to know about BWIs in Minnesota

This weekend, people all across the state will be celebrating Memorial Day with friends and family. Not only is this a three-day weekend, but it is also the unofficial start of summer. And as any Minnesotan knows, it’s vital to soak up every day of this season, rain or shine.

This means that many people plan to get their boats in the water at cabins or in lakes around the Cities during the holiday weekend. If this is part of your plan, remember that there are strict boating laws in place, especially with regard to boating and drinking. With this in mind, readers should understand a few important things about boating while intoxicated, or BWI, in Minnesota

ATVs and children: the risk of injury is greater than we thought

All-terrain vehicles, or "ATVs," are popular in Minnesota. And you probably already know they can be very dangerous for riders of any age. But according to a recent study published earlier this year in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, ATVs could be even more dangerous for children and teenaged riders than previously realized.

The study, compiled by a professor of pediatric surgical sciences and his colleagues, looked closely at data collected in 16 previously published studies about ATV accidents and the risk factors involved when the injured rider was a child or teenager. The study concluded that the injuries sustained by children in ATV accidents are frequently more severe than the injuries sustained by children involved in automobile crashes.

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