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How to get a vehicle ready for harsh Minnesota winter weather

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2023 | Car Accidents

The winter weather in Minnesota can be quite severe. Most people recognize that their risk of being involved in a significant car crash increases during times of inclement winter weather. As a result, most motorists make a point of adjusting their driving behavior to reflect the seasonal challenges that they face on the road.

Unfortunately, maintaining a longer stopping distance and traveling at slower speeds isn’t necessarily enough to prevent a crash. Drivers also have to think about how their vehicles will perform differently during the winter months. Thankfully, there are a few vehicle maintenance tips that can significantly improve a vehicle’s performance during the coldest months of the year.

Reinflate or replace tires

Cold pavement will inevitably affect air pressure in tires. Tires that have low pressure may have a harder time maintaining traction. Vehicles could therefore skid or slide more easily when their tire pressure is low. Regularly checking tire pressure during the winter months is important. Some people even invest in tires that are better able to handle driving in the snow.

Make sure that the windows allow proper visibility

There are several maintenance and repair steps that can improve visibility during winter weather. Buying new wiper blades can help ensure the efficient removal of snow and sleet as it accumulates on the windshield. People may also want to take their vehicle to a mechanic for an inspection of their heating system. If the blowers cannot quickly and effectively defrost and defog the windows, drivers may have trouble monitoring their surroundings, which could potentially cause a preventable crash.

Make sure the vehicle has the right weather-related supplies

Every vehicle in Minnesota should have a snow scraper at the very least. Drivers may also want to invest in spare tires and ensure the tools they need to remove and replace a tire are easily accessible. For emergency situations, warm blankets or even a spare pair of boots in the trunk could make all the difference for someone waiting for help if they go off the road or get into a crash.

Ideally, drivers will engage in proactive vehicle maintenance and adjust their driving habits based on their increased crash risk during the winter months. Preparing for factors that can increase the possibility of a collision can ultimately help people avoid a wreck or better manage the aftermath should one occur.