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3 common reasons drivers cause crashes with motorcycles

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Collisions between motorcycles and larger motor vehicles often have poor outcomes for those who are traveling via two-wheeled transportation. Motorcycles offer very little physical protection from the trauma of a collision, and the bigger size and heavier weight of an enclosed passenger vehicle make it a noteworthy safety concern for anyone nearby on a motorcycle.

Either person involved in a two-vehicle collision might be to blame for the incident, but frequently, those in bigger vehicles are at fault for the crashes that occur involving motorcycles. What are some of the reasons that other drivers cause collisions that injure motorcyclists and damage their vehicles?

Inattentional blindness

One of the biggest safety concerns for motorcyclists is a unique phenomenon that typically only applies to pedestrians and those using smaller vehicles, including motorcycles and bicycles. Drivers have to process so much information about their surroundings when driving that they might fail to mentally recognize the presence of a motorcycle near them in traffic. Psychologists refer to this as inattentional blindness, and it is a reading cause of motorcycle collisions where the larger vehicle is at fault.


Distraction is a major threat, as an increasing number of Americans every year struggle to regulate their use of mobile devices. Even drivers who don’t intend to physically handle their phones can end up mentally distracted when their devices alert them to incoming text messages. Distraction on its own is a risk, and it also exacerbates the inattentional blindness that affects motorist safety.

Alcohol and other intoxicants

Motorists who are under the influence of mind-altering substances have a harder time making safe choices at the wheel. Alcohol, prohibited drugs and even prescription medication can affect people’s decision-making ability and reaction times. Intoxicated motorists often cause completely preventable collisions because they fail to react appropriately when road circumstances change. They play a role in many collisions that injure and kill those on motorcycles.

Motorcycle riders cannot prevent other people in traffic from making unsafe decisions, but they can keep an eye out for signs of intoxication and distraction in other drivers. They can also prioritize their own visibility and compliance with traffic rules. Understanding what the top causes of motorcycle collisions actually are could help people avoid them. Seeking legal guidance can help those who are hurt in such crashes successfully pursue rightful compensation as well.