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How to Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Brainerd

by | Mar 27, 2021 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

Dealing with a criminal charge in Brainerd can be distressing. Considering the legal consequences of a criminal allegation (and a potential conviction), hiring the right criminal defense attorney should be a top priority.

You should, however, note that not all attorneys will be suitable for your case.

Collaborating with an incompetent criminal defense lawyer in Brainerd will only add to your woes. You should choose a Minnesota criminal defense attorneys, who are experienced in handling the various nuances of criminal law.

Here are a few factors you should check for when hiring a criminal defense attorney in Brainerd.

Specialization in Criminal Law

Your Minnesota criminal defense lawyer should be experienced in working in courtroom settings. Only a seasoned criminal lawyer can defend you and protect your rights based on the specific facts of your case.

To check the lawyer’s skills, you should do some due diligence of your own. Go through the prospective lawyer’s website and check their list of practice areas. If you do not find criminal defense law listed therein, keep looking for another attorney.
An attorney practicing criminal law will know the importance of aggressively presenting relevant defenses and protecting your rights in criminal prosecution.

Referrals and Feedback

Ask your friends and relatives to refer criminal defense lawyers in Brainerd known to them. If they suggest a criminal lawyer based on their positive experience, you should consider fixing an appointment with them to take things forward.

If the first consultation concludes satisfactorily, visit the lawyer’s website to get more information on them. Check for client testimonials and browse through online forums or the lawyer’s social media accounts for feedback and reviews.
Though one bad review should not steer you away from the lawyer, think twice before hiring them if you find multiple negative reviews.

You can also check with the state bar council to verify that the lawyer has a clean professional record.

Local Presence

A local criminal defense lawyer will be aware of the procedures followed by Minnesota courts. It can be advantageous if your attorney shares a good rapport with the judges, prosecutors, and court clerks as they will be familiar with their quirks and the local processes. Your attorney will, therefore, know how judges will react to certain defenses. They may use this knowledge to strategize an effective defense for your Brainerd case.

Communication Skills

You will be discussing several case details with your chosen lawyer. These conversations need to be fruitful, and your lawyer should be able to provide you with sound legal counseling.

At the same time, communication involves listening too. Your lawyer should patiently listen to every facet of your case. They should ask clarifying questions and provide convincing answers to your queries.

Healthy and ongoing communication will enable you to gain confidence in your lawyer and stay on the same page throughout the proceedings.

Level of Responsiveness

Responsiveness refers to the average time taken by the prospective lawyer to react to client emails or inquiries. Delayed responses can cost you your case.

You should, therefore, ascertain the lawyer’s availability and their ability to respond quickly. It is also a good idea to inquire about the lawyer’s current caseload. If you find that the lawyer is overloaded and may not be able to give adequate time and attention to your case, you should look for other options.

Analytical Skills

Case-related discussions entail the sharing of a lot of critical details that can turn your case around. You should, therefore, choose a Minnesota criminal defense attorney who can absorb all the information and use it meticulously to strengthen your case.

Every scenario in your case may have more than one reasonable conclusion and numerous precedents that can be applied to the situation.

You should engage a criminal defense lawyer who has strong analytical skills, which help them choose the most suitable approach for your case. Ask the lawyer about the various approaches they follow when dealing with criminal cases. Their answers will give you a good idea of their competency.

Transparency in Fee Structure

Lawyers may structure their fees in different ways. You should discuss the fee amount and any other amount that you will need to pay upfront. Also, it is important to ask about hidden fees, if any. You should clarify all cost-related aspects before finalizing your criminal lawyer in Brainerd.

Ensure that your attorney provides you with a clear estimation of the total cost. This will help you understand the upcoming expenses and honor them accordingly.


When you are accused of a criminal charge, time is of the essence. You should seek legal assistance immediately. It is pivotal to choose the right criminal lawyer to defend your charges. A competent criminal defense lawyer will present your case in the best possible light and fight your allegations based on the facts of the case.

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