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How Criminal Defense Lawyers in Minnesota Help Their Clients

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

Whether it is a simple DWI or a felony, getting slapped with criminal charges can have grave consequences. Unfortunately, criminal law is anything but simple. Without the right legal advice, you can end up making mistakes that put your job, reputation, family life, and finances at risk. You, therefore, need to navigate the legal waters wisely.

So, instead of thinking about how much a criminal defense lawyer costs, you need to think about safeguarding your future. Experienced criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota can help you every step of the way when fighting the charges.

Here is how a criminal defense attorney can help you.

1. Complete Case Analysis

The first step in defending the criminal charges is to understand and analyze your case thoroughly. Experienced criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota know criminal law inside-out and can provide you with a thorough analysis of your case. They can also help you understand the consequences you will face, should the charges against you be proved.

Thanks to their experience and legal knowledge, your attorney can help you prepare the best possible defense based on their thorough analysis. Depending on your case, the criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota can get your penalties reduced or even get your charges dropped.

If, on the other hand, taking a plea deal seems like the best option, your lawyer can help you get the best possible deal. Most importantly, the attorney can offer an objective analysis of your case. When you put emotions aside, it becomes easier to make the right choice.

2. Provide Legal Resources

Fighting off criminal charges requires a thorough independent investigation of your case. You will need to talk to witnesses, interview police officers about the process followed during your arrest, and when placing the charges, and investigate the case further with the help of experts.

The more information your Minnesota criminal defense lawyers can collect, the easier it is for you to win your case. Most criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota have the legal resources required to investigate your case thoroughly, including investigators, private detectives, and expert witnesses.

While expert witnesses like doctors can help counter the forensic evidence presented by the prosecution, investigators and private detectives can find out facts that can strengthen your defense. If you are self-representing, however, you will not have these crucial resources at your disposal.

3. Negotiate a Plea Deal for You

Plea deals are a critical part of most criminal cases as they can help negotiate a reduced sentence or even get the charges dropped. However, if you are self-representing, you are less likely to know the advantage of negotiations. The prosecution may also take undue advantage of your lack of knowledge, tricking you into accepting a plea deal that serves their purpose, not yours.

However, seasoned criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota will negotiate on your behalf. As they have done this before, criminal defense attorneys often know the tricks the prosecution can use during the negotiations. They will put you in the best possible position during the plea bargain.

4. Prepare and File Motions

The legal language and the tremendous paperwork involved in a criminal case can seem alien to the average Joe. The process also requires a lot of research and excellent penmanship. Leading criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota are accustomed to preparing and filing the paperwork for criminal cases.

Your lawyer can create and file different types of motions, including a motion to modify bail, motion to dismiss, and motion to suppress, among others. They will also make sure to file the paperwork on time. If you fail to file a motion on time, it could threaten the outcome of your case.

5. Select the Jury

Chances are, your case will not go trial unless you are charged with a felony where a plea deal won’t work. However, if your case does go to trial, the first step is jury selection. As the jury will be deciding your fate, it is critical to select a jury that will offer an unbiased verdict.

However, you won’t be able to select the right jury without considerable courtroom experience. That’s where expert criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota can help. They are well aware of the jury selection process. Your attorney can remove the jury that seems biased or prejudiced before the trial begins.

The lawyer will also defend you during the trial. They will cross-check the evidence and witnesses offered by the prosecution. They will also put expert witnesses on the stand to help strengthen your case. Given how critical it is to have an excellent defense in the courtroom, you shouldn’t think only about the criminal defense lawyer’s cost. Focus on the value an experienced attorney can bring to your defense.


Navigating the complex legal system, especially when you are defending criminal charges, is easier said than done. You need the best possible legal help you can get. Hopefully, after learning about the benefits of hiring an experienced and professional criminal defense attorney, you will be able to make an informed decision. Make sure to hire an attorney that provides the required legal support and has a proven track record of handling criminal cases similar to yours.

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