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Do I need a Divorce Attorney in Buffalo, MN

by | Oct 17, 2020 | Divorce, Firm News

If you’re planning to get a divorce in Buffalo, MN, you may have considered filing for it on your own with the help of the information you find on a website. A DIY divorce isn’t unheard of and can work in some situations. That said, the majority of people prefer to work with an experienced divorce lawyer in Buffalo, MN to protect their interests.

After all, you don’t want to go wrong by doing or saying something that motivates the judges/jury to rule in the other party’s favor. Also, without a skilled lawyer by your side, you may have tremendous difficulty in understanding state-specific laws. This can cost you your right to marital property and child custody.

While most states do not mandate the hiring of a lawyer, working with a good one may be the best and the only way to uphold your interests in the divorce.

Grounds for Divorce in Buffalo, MN

As experienced divorce lawyers in Buffalo, MN, we know that Minnesota is a no-fault state. Hence, you do not need the approval of your spouse to file for divorce. As per state laws, the courts can enter a divorce decree once it is proven that:

  • One of the parties has lived in Minnesota state for at least 180 days prior to the initiation of the divorce process
  • The marriage is irreversibly damaged

When You May Not Need a Lawyer

While working with an experienced divorce lawyer in Buffalo, MN is almost always advantageous, you may not necessarily hire one if you don’t have any marital assets or children. This usually happens when couples are married for a short time or are seeking an annulment or uncontested divorce.

The fastest way to get a divorce is by abandoning your rights for equitable support and spousal support. If you’re not claiming these, you may not need a lawyer. The forms needed for filing the divorce can be obtained from the local courthouse or the clerk’s office.

Minnesota courts provide divorcing couples with several helpful resources, should they choose to represent themselves legally. This service is especially helpful for those who cannot afford legal help. You can find large amounts of information on the Minnesota courts website and at the family law self-help center.

However, when you opt for self-help options, you many miss out on many legal nuances of your family law case. This includes the “limited scope representation” option, which is a recent addition to Minnesota family law.

In a nutshell, limited scope representation allows you to avail legal advice and even the applicable paperwork for a fixed fee. You need not pay anything else and there are no additional terms and conditions to adhere to. It can, therefore, be a suitable option for someone who needs guidance and documentation work done.

When Should You Hire a Buffalo, MN Attorney?

When it comes to divorce, certain situations warrant the legal expertise of an experienced divorce lawyer in Buffalo, MN. Cases that involve instances of domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, or substance abuse should always be handled by an attorney, who can protect your rights.

When there is violence between partners or intimidation tactics are being used by one spouse to overpower the other, fair negotiations can become impossible. If your soon-to-be ex-spouse hires a lawyer, you should too. This is because more often than not, the unrepresented side has to make do with an unfair outcome. Having a skilled lawyer fighting for you will greatly improve your chances of getting a fair result.

Also, some divorce cases can be downright excruciating, especially when the other party tries to hide assets, waste marital funds, destroy property, or threaten you with physical violence or financial loss if you file for divorce. In such cases, you’ll surely be better off working with a knowledgeable and experienced divorce lawyer in Buffalo, MN.

Your attorney will not only stand up for your rights throughout the divorce, they will also help alleviate your stress since you will know that someone is looking out for you.

How a Seasoned Lawyer Can Help You

While you may be on the fence about hiring an attorney to walk you through the divorce process, you need to realize that a local divorce lawyer with ample prior experience will be conversant with the state laws applicable to your case.

When it comes to divorces and custody settlements, every state has different requirements. So, you will do well to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer in Buffalo, MN, unless you are absolutely sure about correctly interpreting laws and statutes, and filing the paperwork.

However, don’t make the mistake of hiring the first attorney you speak to. Make sure to interview a few before picking one. Ask them if they are in favor of mediation or alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve disagreements. If yes, the lawyer will likely not go to trial unless your spouse is being unreasonable.

Moreover, if an attorney is inexperienced in handling negotiations and settlements, or overzealously promotes litigation, you should continue your search for a dependable lawyer.


While it is possible to go through your divorce without being represented by a Minnesota divorce attorney, it is definitely not recommended. Divorce is emotionally trying, and getting through the legal process can be more difficult than you might have thought. An experienced divorce attorney in Buffalo, MN can be your best ally and guiding light throughout this phase.

Consult with an Experienced Divorce Attorney in Buffalo, MN Now

The outcome of your divorce case can change the quality of your life forever. You need to ensure you go about the right away. To get started, get in touch with the astute divorce lawyers at Carlson & Jones, P.A. on 855-762-6548 Or contact us online through our website to find out how we can help.