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How Do Brainerd, MN Accident Lawyers Help Spine Injury Victims?

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Car Accidents, Firm News, Injuries

Freeway collisions, especially if they involve trucks or other large vehicles, often cause catastrophic injuries, such as spine injuries. Medical bills and vehicle replacement are usually the victim’s two immediate priorities.

Medical expenses are almost unbelievable high. In many cases, these costs may approach $5 million over the course of a lifetime. Even if a health insurance company covers these costs, which is doubtful, the copays, deductibles, and uncovered portion could financially wreck most families.

Vehicle replacement is usually nowhere near that expensive, but it does cost more than most families can afford. Moreover, the family car has an emotional value which many insurance companies do not fully appreciate. And, for interim vehicle replacement, many insurance companies only provide small, economy cars which are not well-suited for Crow Wing County families.

Brainerd, MN accident lawyers do more than advocate for victims in court. They also advocate for victims in the early stages of a spine injury claim. That advocacy often gives families the financial wherewithal, and peace of mind, they need at this time.

Medical Bills

Spine injuries are not just expensive. They are also difficult to diagnose and treat. A Brainerd, MN accident lawyer helps victims in all three of these areas.

Medical misdiagnosis is common in all cases, and especially in spine injury situations. Many doctors believe that trauma or shock from the accident causes numbness and other problems. So, they may not order a complete battery of tests. As a result, a spine injury may go undiagnosed and progressively get worse.

Treating spine injuries is difficult as well. Most doctors combine surgery with physical therapy. The same combination is not effective in all cases. Therefore, the doctor must have a great deal of expertise in this area. Otherwise, the physician may use the wrong approach and make the injury worse.

Brainerd, MN accident lawyers connect vehicle collision victims with vehicle collision physicians. These professionals know how to promptly diagnose serious medical issues, such as spine injuries. A quick diagnosis is often essential to recovery, and a vehicle collision physician is in a good position to handle treatment as well. These doctors know how a serious crash affects the body and the soul. So, they apply the proper remedies in the proper place at the proper time.

These physicians usually charge nothing upfront for their services, because Brainerd, MN accident lawyers send letters of protection to medical professionals. These letters guarantee payment when the case is resolved. As a bonus, an attorney can negotiate with the provider to lower the amount due.

Brained, MN Accident Lawyers and Property Damage

This same process takes place with regard to vehicle replacement and repair. So, victims do not have to accept the cheap vehicle that the insurance company provides. The letter of protection gives victims additional transportation options. As a result, victims often drive a comparable vehicle as soon as they are released from the hospital.

When it comes to final repair or replacement, many insurance companies only look at the numbers. They do not authorize vehicle replacement unless the car was a total loss (i.e. the cost of repair exceeds the car’s value). But some vehicles never run correctly again, even after they are repaired.

That’s why Brainerd, MN accident lawyers connect victims with accident repair body shops. These professionals offer honest assessments as to a vehicle’s future. If it’s possible to repair the vehicle within a reasonable time, that’s usually best for everyone. But if replacement is a better option, that’s the way to go, regardless of what the numbers may indicate.

Noneconomic Losses

When it comes to settlement, economic losses, like medical bills and vehicle replacement, are only part of the picture. Spine injury victims also deserve compensation for their noneconomic losses, such as:

  • Loss of consortium (contribution to household management and companionship),
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Loss of enjoyment in life, and
  • Emotional distress.

Based on the evidence in the case and some other factors, a Brainerd, MN accident lawyer demands a fair amount which fully compensates the victim for all these losses. It’s very difficult, or even impossible, to put a price tag on emotional and physical suffering. But generally, money damages are the only remedy that a Crow Wing County court can award.

Contact an Aggressive Attorney

Spine injury victims have immediate and long term needs. For a free consultation with an experienced Brainerd, MN accident lawyer, contact Carlson & Jones, P.A. Home and hospital visits are available.