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by | Feb 19, 2018 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

A plea bargain can be a good way to limit the number of penalties you face after you’re accused of a crime. Plea bargains may seem counterintuitive to some, especially if they’re innocent, but there are times when a plea is the best option.

plea bargain has many benefits. For example, if you go to trial, you don’t know what kind of penalties you could face if convicted. On one hand, you could be found not guilty, but on the other, you could be looking at being found guilty and having a sentence you’re not prepared for. A plea deal takes away that uncertainty and allows you to negotiate for an arrangement you agree on.

Another reason to consider a plea deal is because it can help you avoid time in jail. Not being separated from the people you love is often worth taking a plea deal, even if it means you’re under house arrest for a period of time or that you’re on probation.

Sometimes, plea deals reduce the charges against you. This is generally a very good deal for a defendant, because he or she won’t face the harsher of the charges placed. For instance, someone facing an offense for assault might want to have the charge changed to one like intoxicated assault, because it shows that he or she wasn’t in his or her right mind at the time of an attack. Additionally, it could have lower penalties.

If a plea bargain is a good idea in your case, your attorney will likely discuss it with you. This is just one option, but it’s something you should consider.

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