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3 things to know about motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists enjoy the open road, especially in the warmer months of the year. All drivers need to ensure they’re watching out for motorcycles, but some don’t take this responsibility seriously. Unfortunately, a motorcyclist is the one who’s likely going to have to deal with negative effects of this reality in the event that they encounter an indifferent motorist.

A motorcyclist who’s involved in a crash is five times as likely to suffer an injury and 26 times more likely to die in a crash than a person who’s traveling in a passenger vehicle. There are several things that everyone should know about motorcycle safety so they can do their part in keeping motorcyclists safe.

Grass clippings can cause crashes

Anyone who’s doing yardwork needs to ensure they don’t blow their grass clippings into the road. These clippings have an 85% water content, which makes them very slick beneath motorcycle tires. The effect is similar to driving on ice for a motorcyclist. While they might be tempted to try to swerve away from the clippings, this could put them in danger of being struck by a vehicle.

Intersections are particularly dangerous

Intersections are very dangerous for motorcyclists. Around 70% of crashes involving motorcycles and other vehicles occur in intersection settings. One issue that occurs here is that obstacles obscure the vision of other drivers, so they may not see the small profile of the motorcycle.

Helmets provide significant protection

Helmets offer valuable protection for motorcyclists. This includes reducing the risk of a serious brain injury occurring if the motorcyclist is involved in a crash. The design also provides some protection for the cervical spine. It’s crucial that the helmet is properly fitted and approved by the Department of Transportation so a motorcyclist can have optimal protection.

Motorcycle crashes that are the result of another person’s negligence can lead to grounds upon which a claim for compensation can be made successfully. Minnesota law limits how much time you have to get the claim filed, so you can’t waste time. Acting quickly can help you to preserve evidence so you have the best chance at getting the compensation you deserve if you’ve recently been affected by a wreck.