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When should I replace my motorcycle helmet?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can make every trip out feel like an adventure. Now that summer is in full swing; it is time to get the bike out as often as possible.

Part of being a wise motorcyclist is ensuring you have the proper protection in case of an accident. While your helmet may have been a significant investment, there are times when you need to replace it.

These are some of the critical times to replace your helmet.

About every five to seven years

Helmets go through a lot. Often they are in different types of weather that can degrade the materials that keep you safe. Extreme heat and cold (and fluctuating between the two) can weaken your helmet.

Also, as time passes and helmet technologies continue to develop, the protection your helmet offered five years ago may have been replaced with something that offers better protection. Replacing your helmet every few years means you have better protection in case you are in a crash.

After every crash

The crash may have been at a slow speed, and you are reasonably sure you did not hit your head. You look at your helmet and do not see any scrapes, but you may still need to replace your helmet.

In many cases, you may not realize all of the areas of your body that hit the ground during a crash. However, when you are involved in an accident, you should assume that you hit your head and need to replace your helmet.

Your helmet can sustain a significant impact, but it should only take an impact once. After an accident, the materials inside the helmet do not have the same protective qualities and cannot provide the same protection.

Part of being able to rely on your helmet is knowing when you need a new one. Replacing your helmet at these critical times gives you a better chance of having the protection you need if you are in an accident.