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Why it is crucial to seek swift medical attention after a crash

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

The consequences of an injury after a motor vehicle crash cannot be underestimated. It is never a good idea to dismiss a slight ache or injury after having been involved in a collision.

Get that medical attention. After all, if you do not look out for yourself, who will? You want to get better, but you also will have the medical evidence to build a legal case against a negligent and reckless driver.

Possible delayed injury symptoms

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, nearly 81,000 motor vehicle crashes occurred in the state in 2019. In those crashes, 364 people died and 27,260 sustained injuries.

Of those injuries, 6% were serious and 34% were minor. The remaining 60% were “possible” injuries. The latter should be taken seriously, especially because delayed symptoms – such as headaches, back and abdominal pain — are signs of delayed injury symptoms.

Protecting health and additional claims

Here are two important reasons to seek medical attention after a motor vehicle accident:

  • Protecting your health: A trip to the doctor may reveal hidden injuries that could worsen in the coming days, weeks or months. Make sure to subscribe to the doctor’s treatment plan and continue with follow-up visits.
  • Protecting any potential claim for compensatory damages: Medical records provide crucial supporting evidence necessary to pursue a lawsuit. Without a medical visit, no evidence exists. In addition, insurance companies may deny your claim without seeing medical documentation.

Take the necessary steps and seek medical treatment. It will only help.

Setting the stage

The main priority for seeking immediate medical attention is protecting your health. But doing so protects you in other ways. Medical-related visits provide documentation of your injuries for insurance claims. You are being dutiful and serious about recording every detail related to your injury, thus, also, helping set the stage for any potential legal action.