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What Does an Attorney Specializing in Family Law in Brainerd Do?

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Family Law, Firm News

Families may face several disputes and decide to resolve them with the help of an attorney experienced in handling family law issues.

Whether it is about the child support laws 2018 or problems like divorce, child custody, or guardianship, your family attorney in Brainerd can help you deal with a host of legal problems.

The family lawyer acts as a mediator, who strives to resolve issues between both parties without the intervention of the court. They help save time and also help protect relationships.

Here, we have listed a few ways your family law attorney can help you.

1. Representation during Divorce

If you have decided to file for a divorce from your spouse, you may have two options: contested divorce and uncontested divorce.

While a contested divorce is resolved in court, uncontested divorces are managed by family law attorneys.

Sometimes, a legal separation may be the only option for your welfare. However, you may be anxious about your future. Things may become more complex if the divorce involves children. You may have several unanswered questions. Your attorney in family law Brainerd will clear all your doubts and guide you through the court proceedings.

In the case of uncontested divorce, they will provide sound legal counsel to help you deal with sensitive matters in the most prudent ways.

2. Adoption

Family law attorneys can also help you if you decide to add a new member to your family via adoption. Your attorney in family law Brainerd can assist you through the legal process of adopting and legalize it at the earliest possible.

In such cases, adoptive parents can have a hard time understanding their rights and things may get complicated. Knowing about these aspects, however, and the legal obligations in the adoption process is crucial. Your attorney in family law Brainerd can educate you in this regard.

3. Objective Advice

You may need to get a balanced legal perspective of your family matters at some point of time in your life. Your family law attorney in Brainerd can help you with this.

In a divorce matter, for instance, your family lawyer will objectively discuss the various strengths and weaknesses of your case. They will keep you updated about the laws of the state and what you should expect from the court proceedings.

Furthermore, a divorce can be emotionally draining. You may not be able to focus rationally on your future. When you have a family lawyer on your side, they will help you think realistically about the factors that will impact your life, like child custody, alimony, and division of assets.

Also, experienced family law attorneys will have dealt with courtroom trials. They tend to have unparalleled knowledge about the tactics that work and how judges may react to certain arguments/evidence. This will help them build a strong strategy and protect their rights in the court.

4. Division of Marital Assets

Division of property and assets is the most controversial subject in divorce cases. You may have decided on keeping a few items under your possession. However, your partner may have a different take on this.

Your family law Brainerd attorney will know that Minnesota is an equitable distribution state, and there may not be a 50-50 settlement of assets and debts. They will guide you through the proceedings accordingly, and ensure that all decisions made are in keeping with Minnesota divorce laws.

5. Spousal Support/Alimony

Alimony or spousal support refers to the payment made by one spouse to the partner after the divorce. To order spousal support, the family court may consider situations wherein the couple has unequal earnings. However, spousal support is not a part of every divorce case.

If you need spousal support, you should consult a seasoned attorney specializing in family law in Brainerd. They will work out a strategy to help you secure an appropriate alimony amount to protect your financial future after the divorce.

In a few cases, the court may order temporary spousal support, which is granted until the divorce case ends in court. This amount is useful for the following reasons:

• To meet divorce-related expenses
• Rehabilitative alimony helps achieve economic self-sufficiency
• Permanent alimony equalizes the standard of living between the former spouses


Family law can be difficult to understand, and self-representation in court can prove to be tricky. Therefore, if you are facing disputes that come under the purview of family law, the best thing to do is to contact an experienced family law attorney in Brainerd. Your attorney will analyze the different aspects of your case and provide you with strong representation in the court.

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