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Why Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Brainerd Is Better Than Self-Representation

by | Mar 6, 2021 | Firm News, Personal Injury

If you’ve suffered a Minnesota personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against them. A crucial element of the lawsuit will revolve around fighting for fair compensation from the at-fault party.
As a victim of personal injury, you may have to undergo several types of medical treatments. If the injury is severe, you may even lose your job. At a time when you should be focusing on recovering, you may have to spend all your time and energy stressing over answering unending calls for payments and communicating with insurance companies.

This is where personal injury lawyers in Brainerd can be helpful.

Not every personal injury case, however, requires that a lawyer be involved. If the damages and the injuries suffered are minor, and the settlement offer is reasonable, you may be able to sort the matter by yourself.

However, you will need the expert assistance of personal injury lawyers in Brainerd when:

Your insurance claim is denied: You should talk to personal injury lawyers in Brainerd at the earliest if the insurance agency of the at-fault party doesn’t accept responsibility and refuses to compensate you.

Multiple parties are involved: Determining fault in accident cases that involve multiple vehicles or parties is often complicated. Personal injury lawyers in Brainerd can expertly identify all parties and accurately determine liability.

A settlement offer is presented: It is important to consult personal injury lawyers in Brainerd before accepting any settlement offered. Insurance companies typically offer a minimum settlement to victims. Your lawyer will be able to determine whether or not the offer is fair.

Whether your personal injuries were the result of a car accident, a slip-and-fall, a defective product, or another reason, your sole focus should be on recovering. Hiring personal injury lawyers in Brainerd can be extremely helpful as it will save you a lot of stress and legwork.

As you channelize your efforts towards getting better, your attorney will work towards protecting your rights, and essentially create an invisible wall between you and those who can disturb your composure. With self-representation, you cannot get this priceless benefit.

Apart from providing you with sound legal counsel and representing you in court, here are a few other ways in which personal injury lawyers in Brainerd can help you.

Performs Thorough Investigation

Most experienced personal injury lawyers in Brainerd have their own team of trustworthy professional investigators. These investigators visit the site of the accident, interview witnesses, and formulate viable theories about how the accident occurred.

An attorney may also be able to have outside experts, specializing in accident reconstruction, document your case facts and get their valuable inputs. When you hire a lawyer, you can make the most of their associations with these professionals, which may not be possible if you choose to represent yourself.

Assesses the Damage Accurately

A lot of accident victims consider only the short-term effects of their accident. Some of their areas of concern include paying bills to avoid harassment from collectors, managing their limited funds due to job loss or a break, and getting their vehicle repaired to get back on the road (in car crash cases).
Personal injury lawyers in Brainerd deal with such cases routinely and can help accurately estimate the long-term effects of your injuries. If you’ve been left permanently disabled, your lawyer can be particularly helpful in assessing the damages based on your loss of earning capacity. They may also involve an actuary to evaluate the lifetime impact of the accident.

Navigates Legal Waters

Personal injury laws vary from state to state. Experienced personal injury lawyers in Brainerd are well-versed in local court procedures and the various applicable laws. Their knowledge helps keep confusion, miscommunication, and delays at bay. Based on your specific case facts, they may also be able to suggest alternative methods of resolution, such as arbitration or mediation.

Further, they are adept at creating and filing legal paperwork in court, in keeping with Minnesota statutes of limitations. It is highly unlikely that the layman will know of all these factors, making self-representation a tricky option.

Negotiates with Insurance Agencies

While everyone is encouraged to get insurance, only a few actually understand it. Insurance-related matters can be extremely complex and confusing. Personal injury lawyers in Brainerd will provide you with the necessary guidance to complete the insurance claims process.

Moreover, insurance companies are powerful multi-million-dollar entities that will try every trick in the book to settle your claim for much less than its worth. A personal injury lawyer will negotiate with them on your behalf, uphold your rights, and ensure you have access to insurance coverage.

Manages Litigation

Courtroom settings can be daunting if you’re representing yourself during litigation. Fortunately, when you hire experienced personal injury lawyers in Brainerd, they will manage the litigation process for you. Even if you do need to go to court as a witness, your attorney will ensure that you are well-prepared for it.


Personal injury lawyers in Brainerd can be your best allies if you decide to file a lawsuit against the parties responsible for your suffering. While some cases can be resolved through self-representation, it is always a good idea to engage an accomplished attorney to represent you in complex legal matters. Consultation and representation from a seasoned personal injury lawyer can make all the difference between a positive and an unfavorable case outcome.

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