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Do You Need a Lawyer to Get a Divorce in Minnetonka?

by | Mar 20, 2021 | Divorce, Firm News

While divorcing couples in Buffalo will be concerned about factors such as divorce attorney in Buffalo cost, spouses separating in Minnetonka may also have the same concern. However, as you move past the cost considerations, you ultimately need to decide on whether or not you will hire a divorce lawyer in Minnetonka for your case.

Minnesota is a no-fault state, which means neither party needs to find grounds for divorce. Instead, the couple can get their marriage dissolved on the basis of irreconcilable differences.

Courts in Minnesota do not require you to hire a divorce lawyer in Minnetonka. However, this is not recommended as divorces are usually emotionally and financially demanding. A divorce lawyer in Minnetonka can help by protecting your rights during the process, and supporting you with sound legal counsel.

Not Everyone May Need a Divorce Lawyer in Minnetonka

If you and your spouse are able to amicably resolve certain pressing legal issues that arise in divorce cases, you may not need an attorney. These issues are:

  • Division of property, assets, and debt
  • Alimony payments
  • Child custody
  • Child support

When spouses can work through their disputes, they may ask the court to grant them a divorce. This is called an uncontested divorce. However, even if you’re taking this route, it is strongly recommended to have a lawyer look through your divorce agreement to ensure that your best interests and rights are protected. Your divorce lawyer in Minnetonka will see to it that do not overlook any important issue that could arise down the lane, as a result of signing the agreement.

When Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer in Minnetonka?

While it is always recommended to work with a divorce lawyer in Minnetonka regardless of the type of your divorce, you should ensure to work with one in any of the following cases:

You’re Unaware of Minnetonka Divorce Laws

If you’re going to be a self-represented litigant, you need to know that you will be held to the same standards as a professional lawyer by the judge. Hence, you need to ensure that you thoroughly understand Minnesota divorce laws and know about the necessary legal documentation and procedures.

Remember the other party will probably hire a qualified divorce lawyer in Minnetonka to improve their chances in the case. Dealing with a lawyer who has years of experience in family law can be extremely challenging. Also, even a single wrong move by you can jeopardize your entire case.

Working with a lawyer will allow you to leverage their knowledge and experience, and stay on the right track.

You Need Expert Legal Guidance

Divorce is an emotional time for all the people involved. Feelings of sadness, resentment, anger, and confusion can hinder your ability to think rationally. Also, if children are involved, you need to be even more careful and ensure that your decisions reflect their best interest.

It is best to hire a divorce lawyer in Minnetonka in such a case as they will help you make objective decisions. They will also prevent you from letting your emotions sabotage your case and guide you to focus on your (and your children’s) future with a clear mind. Their invaluable guide will help you meticulously navigate the legal process and procedures.

You Want to Know All Your Options

A divorce lawyer in Minnetonka can study your case and based on their prior experience, anticipate the likely outcome. With your best interest in mind, your attorney may suggest various legal options to help settle your case.
If yours is an uncontested divorce or a mediation, they will know which alternative dispute resolution method and the negotiation tactics will work best for you.

Whether it is framing an agreement or evaluating a proposal presented by your spouse, your lawyer will apprise you of the legal options at your disposal to charge ahead confidently. These include settling the case, making a counter-proposal, or resolving the matter in court.

You Don’t Understand the Complex Paperwork

Divorces involve copious amounts of paperwork that needs to be filled out and filed in court in a timely manner. Depending on your specific case facts, your divorce lawyer in Minnetonka can help you complete all the paperwork judiciously. This, in turn, can help improve the chances of the judge viewing your side of the story more favorably.


Your divorce can have a huge impact on your life. With emotions running high and your children’s lives hanging in the balance, dealing with divorce proceedings can be extremely challenging. Working with a seasoned divorce lawyer in Minnetonka will give you the confidence to weather the storm prudently. While you need not mandatorily hire a lawyer to represent you, your attorney can be your most dependable ally. They will enable you to make all the right decisions, increasing the likelihood of winning positive outcomes in your case.

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