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What to Expect from Your Personal Injury Lawyers in Brainerd

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Firm News, Personal Injury

A car crash can change your life forever. It can leave you and your family in a terrible physical, mental, and financial state. Although car crashes have decreased over the years, they continue to affect a lot of people. In 2019, there were 80,636 traffic crashes, which claimed 364 lives and injured 27,260 people, including causing 1520 serious injuries.

When you are in a car accident, getting your life back on track requires a lot of time, emotional support, and expensive medical help. Fortunately, Minnesota personal injury law allows you to file a lawsuit to recover the costs of your medical expenses and emotional and mental trauma, among other things. That’s where personal injury lawyers in Brainerd come in.

When you hire competent personal injury lawyers in Brainerd, here is what you can expect.

1. Get Expert Advice in Minnesota Personal Injury Law

Personal injury lawyers in Brainerd specialize in different areas of Minnesota personal injury law. When you hire an experienced attorney, you can get legal advice and help in cases related to vehicular crashes, defamation, medical malpractice, dog bites,slip-and-fall accidents, and more. So, whatever your personal injury case involves, you can get the best possible legal help.

As your lawyers are familiar with local law enforcement, courtroom proceedings, and dealing with insurance companies, they can provide you with the right legal advice every step of the way. Expect your personal injury attorney to use their experience to present your side of the story in the best possible light.

2. Investigate Your Case Further

Most personal injury lawyers in Brainerd offer an initial consultation to their potential clients. After accepting your case, you can expect your lawyer to crosscheck your story and investigate your case further.

The purpose of this investigation is to establish the chain of events and facts related to your case. So, you may have to face some pointed questions when your attorney investigates the case. Make sure to be as accurate as possible when answering. You also should fulfill all requests for information.

Personal injury lawyers in Brainerd may also hire private investigators and expert witnesses to strengthen your case. You must co-operate with your attorney as this investigation will lay the foundation for proving your claim, irrespective of whether or not it goes to trial.

3. Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Most people have insurance as it offers a sense of financial safety. However, insurance companies are often reluctant to make huge payouts. The insurance adjuster will probably try to trick you into accepting the lowest possible compensation. Sometimes, they may not even pay you a penny.

However, you can expect your personal injury lawyers in Brainerd to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. As your attorney has already dealt with the multi-billion-dollar insurance companies, they will know how to handle your negotiations. You should avoid talking to the insurance company representative, even informally, unless your lawyer is present. This simple step will help you win the best possible compensation, helping you recover quickly and smoothly.

4. Represent You If Your Case Goes to Trial

Most personal injury cases settle out of court as trials are often expensive and time-consuming. However, in the rare event, your case does go to trial, expect your personal injury lawyers in Brainerd to represent you in the courtroom. Your attorney will prepare and file the paperwork for your case.

They will also conduct depositions, talk to the investigating agencies, prepare expert witness testimony, and represent you in all your hearings. In other words, your personal injury lawyers in Brainerd will do all the legwork, allowing you to focus on your recovery. Remember, the sooner you can recover, the quicker you and your family can get back on track.

5. Realistic Expectations about the Compensation

The primary goal of personal injury lawyers in Brainerd is to get you the best possible compensation. However, you have to be realistic. Not all personal injury cases can end up winning a million-dollar payout. Each case is unique, and your lawyer can offer an objective opinion about yours only after a careful study.

Your attorney will know when to compromise and when to fight. Make sure to listen to their advice every step of the way. Most personal injury lawyers in Brainerd will also offer you the best and worst-case scenarios. You will need to study both situations carefully before making your decision.

6. Fee Transparency

Perhaps the most critical thing you can expect from professional personal injury lawyers in Brainerd is payment transparency. Attorneys often handle personal injury claims on a contingency basis, which means your lawyer gets paid if you get compensated. However, you will still need to pay court fees and other legal expenses.

Whether your lawyer works on a contingency or charges an hourly rate or even a flat fee upfront, make sure they have a transparent payment policy. Your attorney should explain the overall expenses you will have to bear before accepting your case.


A personal injury claim can help pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses after getting hurt in an accident. Hiring the right legal advisor can help you win the maximum possible compensation for your personal injury claim. However, before hiring a lawyer, you should know what you can expect from them. Hopefully, this post will help you understand what you can expect from your personal injury lawyers in Brainerd.

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