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Who Is the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Minnesota, MN

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

Whether it is a simple misdemeanor or a felony, fighting a criminal charge is easier said than done. There is too much at stake in cases involving criminal charges. If you are convicted of a crime you didn’t commit, you could lose your job, jeopardize your family’s future, and risk losing your reputation.

That’s why it is necessary to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, MN on your side when you are fighting criminal charges. It is, however, not easy to find the best criminal defense attorney that can handle your case with the required care. Your search will become easier if you know the traits of a good defense lawyer.

Here are a few qualities that make the best criminal defense attorney.

1. Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is a fundamental quality that every successful and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, MN should have. Your lawyer needs to know how to communicate not just with you and your family, but also the witnesses, judges, police, and courtroom personnel.

They also need to have both written and verbal communication skills as most of the courtroom communication is in the form of paperwork. A good lawyer knows how to write a crisp and clear appeal or create any other paperwork related to your case. They should also have excellent command over English or any other language being used in the court.

2. Considerable Negotiation Skills and Experience

Most criminal cases involve negotiations and plea bargains. Especially minor criminal charges are less likely to go to trial because trials are expensive and time-consuming. The prosecution, however, will try their best to push for the harshest sentences or penalties even when negotiating a deal.

If your defense lawyer has good negotiation skills, plus real-life experience in dealing with prosecution and the police, they can get you the best possible deal. Make sure to check the track record of a lawyer to see if they have handled cases similar to yours before. If yes, you should consider hiring that lawyer.

3. Clear Understanding of Courtroom Etiquettes

Although your case is less likely to go to a trial, your lawyer should have a clear understanding of how to behave in the courtroom. When someone claims to be an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, MN, make sure they are talking about actual courtroom experience as well.

Both you and your lawyer will need to appear in the court from time to time. When you do, you will need to show respect towards the judge and their courtroom. Of course, your attorney can be theatrical, if required. However, they must know when is the right time to do so. Even a single line (or gesture), when spoken erroneously or out of turn, can create a negative impression, which could prove detrimental to your case in the long run.

4. Strong Analytical Skills

A good criminal defense lawyer will have strong analytical skills. Your lawyer will need to find legal loopholes, gray areas, procedural inaccuracies, and even scrutinize the evidence presented by the prosecution to increase your chances of winning the case.

It is not possible to know how to use the available information, witness testimonies, and evidence to your best advantage without the right analytical skills. Remember, a lawyer without impeccable analytical skills will cause more harm than good to your case. So, make sure to consider someone who is analytically inclined.

5. Ability to Maintain Confidentiality and Privacy

An experienced criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, MN understands the importance of the term “attorney client privilege,” making sure to maintain complete confidentiality when handling their cases.

Your lawyer should not repeat anything you say or disclose during your case to anyone, not even their friends or peers. Only the people handling your case need to know your personal details and other information.

If your attorney accidentally or deliberately leaks any important details related to your case, it will likely affect its potential outcome. So, make sure to work with a lawyer who is well-known for keeping client discussions confidential and private.

6. Professional Integrity

When you are fighting criminal charges, even a simple mistake in handling your case can ruin your life, probably forever. That’s why you need a lawyer with utmost professional integrity, honesty, and fairness.

An honest and upstanding lawyer will keep you informed of your case’s progress regularly. They will also provide you with an unbiased professional advice every step of the way.

In other words, you should never hire a lawyer who serves their own personal interests or succumbs to external pressures or temptation. They will most likely misguide you, resulting in far reaching legal consequences.


Fighting criminal charges, whether serious or trivial, becomes much easier if you have a good defense lawyer on your side. However, finding such a lawyer is a challenging task. The six traits mentioned in this post will hopefully prove useful in kickstarting your search for the best lawyer in your area. Make sure to research thoroughly before finalizing your lawyer.

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