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Being Attacked By An Animal Is Terrifying

Being attacked and bitten by a dog can cause serious permanent injuries as well as long-term emotional distress. It doesn't matter if you or a child were bitten while on public, private or commercial property. What matters is receiving the compensation that you or your child rightfully deserve.

Medical Bills Resulting From An Animal Attack

Ensure the party responsible for your injuries pays the medical and therapeutic costs resulting from the animal attack. Speak with our attorneys today about your case.

Receive The Best Possible Outcome For Your Case

If negotiations with the pet's owner fail to produce acceptable and reasonable results, our experienced attorneys will litigate your case aggressively with your best interests at heart. We will also be sure to conduct an in-depth investigation into the attack, especially since untrained and angry dogs that are not restrained can easily attack children and adults.

You can turn to the lawyers at Carlson & Jones, P.A., with confidence. We are here when you need strong, practical legal advice. For more information about how we can help you, contact our experienced legal team today at 877-344-1555 for a free consultation.