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Confident Legal Representation For Drug Crime Defendants

Drug crimes are some of the most common crimes in the criminal justice system. These offenses can range widely in severity and penalty. Therefore, anyone who is facing drug charges should consider turning to experienced legal counsel who can provide an effective defense.

At Carlson & Jones, P.A., we have developed a strong reputation for providing an effective defense for clients facing a variety of drug charges. Our experienced defense lawyers have over 55 years of combined experience dealing with a myriad of drug charges across the state of Minnesota. Criminal defendants turn to us with confidence because our legal team provides strong, effective and dedicated representation in a court of law — and it all begins with a free initial consultation.

Defending Against All Drug Charges

The state of Minnesota has a wide variety of drug laws that people can be charged with violating. Examples of drug charges include:

  • Trafficking of an illicit or controlled substance
  • Possessing a controlled substance with intent to distribute
  • Criminal possession of a small amount of marijuana or other illegal substance
  • Consuming an illicit or controlled substance
  • Distributing illicit or controlled substance
  • Criminal possession of drug paraphernalia

Each of these examples encompasses a wide range of drug charges and each has its own implications. With so many differences and nuances in the law, it can be a challenge for someone without legal experience to understand the implications of their situation. This is why anyone who is charged with a drug crime should contact an experienced defense attorney for assistance.

Is The Attitude Surrounding Drug Charges Changing?

The political atmosphere surrounding drug charges appears to be changing. With the overcrowding of jails and prisons, many people have had their sentences shortened or commuted. Furthermore, people who are facing drug charges in today's climate may be able to avoid prison time if their criminal charge is non-violent in nature.

However, this possibility isn't something anyone accused of a drug crime should take for granted. Representing yourself in court is unlikely to result in a lighter sentence, and hiring an attorney who is unfamiliar with drug crimes defense is unlikely to obtain a better result. Instead, it is important to hire experienced counsel — like the attorneys at Carlson & Jones, P.A. — who understands the law, the facts and the reality of the penal system to use these facts to your advantage and provide a strong defense that produces results.

Drug trafficking, distribution and possession charges remain serious in nature, with charges and penalties ranging from misdemeanors and fines to significant felony level charges carrying major prison sentences. If you have been charged with a drug offense of any kind, feel free to contact us today at 877-344-1555 to learn how an experienced attorney can help you.